The Residences Celebrates 8 Years

As recalled by Rod and Fran Keable who moved into their apartment on 28 August 2009;

It was a Friday afternoon and  Terri Mackin (General manager at the time) and Carolyn Tillotson (Sales Manager) insisted they attend happy Hour. It was held in apartment 2 which was then the sales office, and those who had already moved in and attended were Joan Johnson, Russell Jack, Dot Richard, Carole Stapleton and John McIlrath.

During the course of the evening Terri and Carolyn decided that apartment 2 was now too small to celebrate Happy Hours and all future Happy Hours would be held in the lounge.

The following week Ilse Katz and Ailsa Allen moved into their apartments. Although Nella Zubani’s furniture had moved in, Nella did not move in until she returned from an overseas trip. Following Nella, Hilary Richards moved in in September and Robbi Nicholson in December.